Serious Crime

How we work

We have longstanding relationships with leading specialist counsel and a wealth of experience, and can instantly assume conduct of the most serious of matters.

  • At the upper end of violent offences, our most recent murder cases have included:

R v Y – gang related stabbing

R v C – killing new partner of ex-girlfriend

R v W – fatal street fight

  • We regularly deal with every conceivable variety of sexual offence including historical allegations. A random selection would include.

R v D historic incestuous sexual abuse producing a child

R v K rape trial involving introduction of previous acquittal, same victim

R v T rape trial where alleged victim messaged the defendant to thank him for ‘a lovely evening’

  • We deal with every manner of drug related offending, including large scale importation, supply and manufacture/cultivation, A random selection would include.
  • R v P importation of two tonnes of cannabis and 7.5 million cigarettes

    R v G typical ‘cuckooing’ drug supply

    R v J large scale cannabis factory

  • We deal with serious and complex fraud. A random selection would include.
  • R v D largescale vat fraud with gangmaster/human trafficking background

    R v S £600K fraud involving forged will

    R v C £1.5 million defrauding of employer

    And more unusually…

    Weapons of mass destruction…

    We represent a client allegedly concerned in the unlawful export of prohibited items, including items whose only use is in missile guidance

    Going dutch…..

    We represented a client company under investigation by the dutch authorities for the unlawful transport of contaminated fats. Outcome – the badly prepared investigators were despatched and no further action